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Epic cards, Asheville, Daniel Cape, training, creativity, experiential education, learning, epic

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From Experience to Creativity

Experience to creativity, creativity, epic, Daniel Cape, teachers, training, Asheville, leadership

  I once designed a flashlight for blind people. Was this creative? Yes… and no. 

EVERYONE IS CREATIVE! Experiential education is besieged with creativity and creative potential. From Experience to Creativity establishes a foundation for experiential educators to understand how creativity affects their work and lives through examples and techniques that intentionally promote creative thought. It’s an incomplete guide that aims to begin the long overlooked conversation about the relationship between ExEd and creativity.    

From challenging assumptions to breaking with traditions, experiential educators are naturally inclined to discover new methods of living and learning in novel and useful methods that fulfill a deep internal need to explore the true beauty of life’s experiences. By understanding the creative nature of the field, practitioners will begin to help others, along with themselves, to actualize their creative potentials.   

EPIC Cards

Experience to creativity, creativity, epic, Daniel Cape, teachers, training, Asheville, leadership

Experiential tools for facilitating creativity

EPIC Cards were created for facilitators to intentionally teach and promote creative thinking among their participants. These cards address several topics related to creativity such as divergent thinking, reframing problems, challenging assumptions, looking at things in different ways, and learning new things about the world.    You can use these cards before, during, or between classes, during transitions, around the campfire, at the beginning of a therapy session, or anytime you want to have your participants to flex their creative muscles. All of the activities are designed so that participants don’t need any supplies or materials. Activities are designed to take around 5 minutes.   

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