Check out Daniel's TEDx Talk coming soon. "A Deeper Understanding of Creativity."

A Deeper Understanding of Creativity


Many people believe that creativity is an ability that people are born with or reserved for only a gifted few. The fact is that everyone is creative. By understanding a vocabulary for creativity, people can identify and foster creativity in themselves and others. This talk will expel false assumptions about creativity and provide participants with several important terms that can be used to solve everyday and complex problems. 


  • Understand how EVERYONE IS CREATIVE
  • Gain tools for promoting creativity in self, employees, students, or clients
  • Develop understanding of how to build a creative culture

Relevant audiences

  • Organizations that hope to incorporate creativity into their culture
  • Student bodies wanting to challenge traditional ways of thinking
  • Groups aiming to become more creative


Intentionally promoting creativity


We often want creativity to be part of our process and want others to be creative, but don't know how to intentionally promote creativity. Instead of throwing darts blindly and hoping to hit a target, like saying, "Go off and be creative. Think outside of the box", we can be intentional with our methods. This keynote demonstrates to participants how to purposely facilitate creative and innovative thinking.  


  • Understand how to intentionally facilitate and promote creativity
  • Develop tools to use at any time that will challenge traditional thinking
  • Participants will internalize what is required for creative thinking 

Relevant audiences

  • Organizations that hope to incorporate creativity into their culture
  • Educators hoping to build creative confidence in themselves and students
  • Leaders who want to develop a more dynamic style that empowers others to harness their creative potential