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 Learn about creativity in a fun and simple format that fosters creative culture and improves team cohesiveness. 

Come test drive our fun-filled program while exploring beautiful downtown Asheville. You'll have the opportunity to provide us with useful feedback on your experience at the end.

Creative Products and Services

EPIC Cards


EPIC Cards come in a pack of 50 and have simple questions and prompts that help teach and promote creativity. They work for any age. Use them for team building, before a brainstorming session, or in between lessons. 

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Creativity Training



I can design an interactive and educative training for any organization's needs. My goal is to help groups to develop a common language they can use to help them intentionally talk about creativity - leading to more successful and creative performances and results. 

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From Experience to Creativity (Book)


 From Experience to Creativity: The experiential educator's incomplete guide to creativity provides an accessible overview of creativity that makes teaching and being creative simple and understandable.  

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I've been drawing caricatures for about 15 years at places like Universal Studios in Hollywood, The Stratosphere in Las Vegas, Silverwood Theme Park in Idaho, at parties, events, and all kinds of places. Caricatures are great for parties and they also make wonderful gifts, holiday cards, and logos. Contact me for more information about what I can do for you or your organization.

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Huckleberry Picken


 Alice Picken loves to pick huckleberries so much that everyone in town calls her Huckleberry Picken. Her little brother David, is finally old enough to join Alice. Today is sure to be a very special day for both of them. 

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Corn on the Cob


 This book is not for the faint of heart. It is a compilation of the greatest historical war cartoons ever created by me, Captain Daniel Cape, US Army National Guard, Division Engineer Current Operations Officer In Charge. No really, you probably won't get 80% of the cartoons, but it's still fun to look at and you should totally buy it. 

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