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The EPIC Zone is where I discuss how to use some of my EPIC Cards. Enjoy the show!



 Limitations take away our familiar behaviors and force us to find new ways of thinking and doing. Tell your entire life sentence in 3 words! 

Defining creativity

 Most experts agree that creativity is something both new and useful. How would you define creativity? 

Learning something new

 Learning new things gives us more tools and resources for creativity. It's good to be curious and wonder how something works, wonder about the history of a place, or anything at all. Go learn something random! 

Asking Impossible Questions

Asking impossible questions allows us to use our imagination or come up with solutions to future problems.

Divergent Thinking

Divergent thinking is the act of coming up with multiple solutions for a problem. There are rules for divergent thinking that this video covers. These are some of the most important rules for creativity.