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"I have found EPIC cards to be a fun way for partners or group members to get to know each other better by having them brainstorm ideas together (e.g., “Think of all the differences between night and day.”) This works well for people who have just met as well as for those who have known each other for a while. I also teach educators how to facilitate and encourage reflective thinking.  EPIC cards do this by asking people to think in multi-dimensional ways, increasing their “reflection quotients” and stretching their imaginations in new directions beyond their comfort zones and into their growth zones, often without them even realizing it.  One of the cards says, “By expanding our knowledge, we expand our options for novel ideas and enhance our potential for future creativity.” I couldn’t agree more! "

~  Dr. Julie Carlson, Graduate professor

4 Levels of Creativity: The Deliberate Creative Podcast


Check out my recent interview on The Deliberate Creative podcast where I discuss the 4 levels of creativity. 

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When educators and leaders understand what creativity looks like and realize they are creative, they are more apt to recognize creative thoughts and actions by others and intentionally incorporate methods that promote and teach creativity in their programs and organizations. As a result, students/employees also realize that they are creative while being provided with opportunities to practice and enhance their own creativity. Without the initial step of understanding, these factors become secondary or happenstance, and valuable opportunities are lost.