Daniel Cape

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About Daniel

About Daniel

About Daniel


Daniel Cape is a creative, energetic, and dynamic facilitator with unique life experiences, an unwavering enthusiasm to explore the world, and a passion to share it all with others. His work includes leadership roles, international experience, and teaching and facilitation, along with 15 years of drawing caricatures of individuals from across the globe.



Daniel found himself in leadership roles beginning in high-school. As a result, he continued developing and challenging his leadership skills as a combat engineer officer in the Army National Guard. Daniel has also led groups in outdoor settings, educational programs, and was once the Director of an English language summer camp in Ukraine working with a diverse international staff of teachers and counselors.  

Teaching and Facilitating

Daniel’s 15+ years of working in the field of experiential education have taught him one major lesson: experiences lead to creativity. This is why Daniel focuses on facilitating quality educative experiences that are relevant to clients and challenge their assumptions of what they think possible. From working with young adults to training soldiers, Daniel aims to empower learners to explore their creative potential and discover their strengths.

International Work

Research demonstrates that international travel is great for creativity. As Daniel knows, international work also challenges one’s leadership skills, moral fortitude, and assumptions about how the world operates. Daniel has facilitated team building with teenagers in Russia, served with the military in Iraq, harvested rice with farmers in Japan, led an international staff in Ukraine, and worked with Peace Corps volunteers and local community members to teach caricatures in Costa Rica and Canada with his non-profit EPIC Smiles. 


We should all have goals. Here are Daniel’s

· Draw a caricature while skydiving

· Open an international training center for creativity and experiential education

· Draw caricatures of former child soldiers in the Democratic Republic of Congo

· Design a new challenge course/ropes course based on the military’s Field Leadership Reaction Course

· Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro 

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About Daniel

About Daniel

 Daniel has been a caricature artist for nearly 15 years, working at places like Universal Studios in Hollywood, The Stratosphere Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Silverwood Theme Park in Idaho, and other locations across the country. 

Daniel  started his non-profit, EPIC Smiles (https://epicsmiles.org/) in 2016,  which aims to build a global community of caricatures for youth through art instruction and providing new and creative experiences for young people. He's worked with over 600 students in 3 countries over the past 2 years. His international work includes Costa Rica and Canada